School Principal – Aisha Z. Abdullah

Aisha, formerly a lawyer, attained her Early Years qualification in 1989. She has since been actively involved in children’s education. In addition to running Sri Kayangan Montessori School, she also provides consultancy work as an educator, teacher-trainer and in setting up an early childhood business. She frequently volunteers as a trainer/facilitator with local child-centred initiatives. Aisha has authored the book “Why Montessori? Choosing the Right Preschool”, (“Mengapa Montessori? Memilih Prasekolah yang Sesuai”) published by Times Media Pte Ltd. in 2001.

Aisha Z. Abdullah lives in Shah Alam, Selangor and is a mother of 5 children. She supports child rights through advocacy work as Board member of Malaysian Child Resource Institute (MCRI) as well as in her role as President of the Montessori Association of Malaysia (MAM). Aisha attained her Training of Trainers Certificate in Montessori Training with MCRI in 2009.